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Blokes Losing Timber’s inaugural meeting is this Saturday 11th June 9am-11am at Meimo’s Windsor

Blokes Losing Timber Meimo's Windsor

Don’t you just hate it when someone says to you, “It’s easy, just lose a few pounds!”

No it’s not that flipping easy for many of us. We start with good intent but it gets difficult to maintain and we just go, sod it, it’s easier to just eat and drink what I like, when I like, than go through the agony of thinking about what I can and what I can’t eat 24/7.

I’m a bloke who struggles with weight and have tried things for a while but then…

My dad asked me nicely to lose weight the day after I asked him, if he only had a year to live, what would he like? So I have nowhere to go with this and I have to lose weight, no more excuses, no more long periods of pretending it’s OK.

So I have set up a group called “Blokes Losing Timber”, google it and you’ll find a page on my Love Windsor website with more details.

I know I would benefit from the banter and camaraderie of sharing a goal with a bunch of other blokes… so I have set up 3 groups to fit around blokes’ diaries and different needs. If this could help you, join us 😉

Saturday morning 9am-11am at Meimo’s in Windsor town centre for blokes in town or those only free at weekends for a couple of hours.

Monday evening 6pm-8pm at The Swan in Clewer Village. When I heard Guinness is only 80 calories a pint, it made sense to set up an evening group in a pub! There is no parking but if we’re drinking a few pints of the black stuff 😉

Tuesday lunchtime 12pm-2pm at Woody’s at the Pirate Park on Dedworth Road. This timing and location is good for retired blokes or those who prefer to drive during daylight hours.

If you struggle to keep your weight down and could benefit from hanging out with a bunch of other blokes then join us. No need to book, just turn up as it fits with your diary…

jon davey blokes losing timber 2

Thank you.


2 responses to “Blokes Losing Timber’s inaugural meeting is this Saturday 11th June 9am-11am at Meimo’s Windsor”

  1. Great community initiative Jon. Good luck. Ann

  2. Jon, unable to make it as I volunteer with Park Run each Saturday 8.15 to 10.

    Hopd it goes well

    All the best, David

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