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Blokes Losing Timber – Chat Over Guinness (COG) at The Swan

Something tells me this is likely to be our most popular weekly meetup 😉

Monday nights, 6pm – 8pm, at The Swan in Clewer for a Chat Over Guinness… another COG in the wheel for our fight to get a tad slimmer than we are right now.

I’ve been reliably informed that Guinness, as well as being a nice pint, is low on calories for those of us looking to lose a few pounds…

In fact, Guinness Zero is like 17 cals per 100ml which is way under 100 calories a pint !!!!

That’s probably a tad severe for most of us blokes but hey, it’s an option…

Join us, no need to book, just turn up tomorrow early evening and join fellow blokes who are looking for ways to lose a little timber.

Thank you.


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