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Potential Zebra Crossing for The Willows Riverside Park Residents

consultation for Willows Zebra Crossing

Do residents of The Willows Riverside Park want a Zebra Crossing across the A308?

I know they do but they need to express their feelings at the consultation meeting at Dedworth Library on Wednesday 13th July from 6pm to 7:30pm. Alternatively, complete the online survey on the RBWM Consultation website

Please share this blog post and information with residents you know who live there… thank you.

There are a number of proposals for the A308 around RBWM, read about them here >>>

More specifically, you can find details about Dedworth and the zebra crossing here >>>

Click on Section 6 – Junction 11 pdf down the right of the page above. The following detail is taken from that pdf.


Please refer to drawing 1000007840-2-0100-04 in relation to the option improvements discussed below. 

Option 1A: To improve road safety in relation to a lack of pedestrian crossing facilities, unclear pedestrian desire lines, and high vehicle approach speeds, the existing traffic islands could be widened and extended over the existing hatched carriageway markings to tighten the roundabout, improve pedestrian visibility, and reduce pedestrian crossing distances. This will also reduce vehicle approach speeds and improve road safety. The existing verge and vegetation between A308 Maidenhead Road and Maidenhead Road to the northeast of the junction and the existing verge between A308 Maidenhead Road and Ruddlesway is to be converted to a 2m wide asphalt footway, with tactile paving at the crossing points. This will improve the pedestrian crossing facilities whilst also providing a clear and safe link for pedestrians, particularly those that have mobility impairments and are blind/ partially sighted to travel across the junction. It was noted on site that several elderly pedestrians were forced to walk on the existing soft verge in order to travel from A308 Maidenhead Road to Maidenhead Road and Ruddlesway and thus increasing the risk of trip and fall injuries. 

Option 1B: Option 1B will include all of the proposals outlined in option 1A, with the addition of a new Zebra crossing on the eastern arm of the roundabout, to improve road safety and the pedestrian crossing provision. Approximate Cost: 

Option 1A – £120k 

Option 1B – £200k 

These are high level budget estimates that are not based on contractor rates and do not take into consideration materials specification or relocation of statutory undertaker’s equipment.


Thank you.


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