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Adding Your Business Posts to Love Windsor’s Facebook Group

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With the “Love Windsor Community UK” Facebook Group growing so rapidly, everyday there are over 10 new business post submissions. The group “About” page doesn’t allow for links and so we have created this blog post to aid with the process.

Below are links to the various business pages. Please follow the links and add your information to the post that is most relevant to you. I really don’t mind if you post every day…

Businesses in Windsor

Businesses NOT in Windsor looking to service Windsor residents

Pubs, Takeaways & Restaurants

Jobs & Recruitment

Kids Entertainment & Holiday Fun


Photography & Arts

Dog walking

Keep fit, Yoga & Fitness


Building & Construction

Charities and Good Causes

Charities can post weekly to the main page but please don’t add more frequently as it means others feel they should add more frequently and then the Group gets less interesting. You can post daily to the link above.

Random events, questions and other posts can be made on the main page… we just don’t want it to be full of adverts, it needs to engage visitors.

Making the Group interesting for readers means they will come back more frequently and add value.

Thank you.


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