58 Gallys Road revised plans 22/01867

Please see my objection to the new plans for 58 Gallys Road… you can make your own comment here… search 22/01867… you can’t object to those things covered by the existing planning applications that have been granted.

Having read the covering letter for the revised plans I note that it states that an outbuilding will be built but then demolished after the work has been completed.

This shows an outbuilding with a very expensive folding door, why would you demolish after going to such expense?

There is also pipe work for water in the outbuilding but the design fails to show this.

The actual house build is ridiculously over built and I am unsure why you would build out so extensively, surely cheaper to buy a house more in keeping with your needs but hey.

Accepting that the first two applications have gone through and this application is essentially a formality, the outbuilding being demolished needs to be a condition of the new application and it needs to be demolished before the owner moves in.

Alternatively, the planning application should be refused for overbuilding, not in keeping with the local area.

Thank you.

Cllr Jon Davey

Back story – Recently bought via probate, two applications went in 22/00078 in January for a loft conversion, 22/00297 in February for “Part single/part two storey front/side and rear extension following demolition of existing garage”.

58 Gallys Road

No mention of knocking the house down but as they got started a couple of months back there seemed to be much of the building being removed and then a few weeks ago, they essentially took off the roof and most of the remaining building, leaving very little of the house… and in the plans it only talked of knocking down the garage!

Residents were worried about neighbours. I checked, they have a party wall agreement in place.

58 Gallys Road

They also were laying foundations for an outbuilding with utility supplies which had not been mentioned in previous applications. They removed all hedges and trees from the rear garden without thought for the neighbours in the process.

58 Gallys Road

This created a lot of concern for the neighbours and I asked officers to inspect the site. Other neighbours complained and the up shot is work was stopped and they were asked to put in a new application.

With planning law, once granted then it’s difficult to revoke and so the only element of this massive overbuild that can be objected to is the outbuilding.

6 thoughts on “58 Gallys Road revised plans 22/01867

  1. I think that Jon Davey is wrong and he should stop complaining. Somebody wants to build their dream home and he is crushing their dream. To think that this is being built for someone who is terminally ill and will give them pleasure in their last years of life. Ask yourself this is it harming you if the answer is no then you shouldn’t object.


  2. not sure where you got the terminally ill from… my understanding is the developer plans to live in it with his family… and the development is impacting on residents and so I will stand up, it’s my job as a Cllr…


  3. How could plans have been passed knowing they would be taking the complete house down that was connected to another semi detached house ! Surely that has weakened that house


  4. I think John is a very bitter and jealous person, someone is adding value to their house instead of going through the ordeal of buying a new house, paying stamp duty, solicitors, estate agent etc. John have you got nothing better to do than sit there writing complaintd


    1. You have this wrong. A builder bought a 3 bed semi detached on probate and said he wanted to build an extension. Instead they began pulling it all down which has caused a great deal of stress for neighbours. As the local Cllr it is my job to protect my ward and that is what I am doing.


  5. They should be made to rebuild what they have demolished and then follow plans that had been approved – end of. What’s the point of council planning department if builders do just what they want hoping to get @retrospective approval! Council please stand up to these builders! Alternatively, the planning application should be refused for overbuilding, not in keeping with the local area.


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