Castle Farm Spinney TPO Notice

I contacted officers today and have put up a few signs at Castle Farm Spinney advising that all the trees have Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) on them and if the new owner attempts to remove any trees there will be consequences.

If you spot anyone chopping down trees at Castle Farm Spinney please contact the Police immediately and then please email , and so we can follow up and take relevant actions.

Hopefully they are not stupid enough to just start chopping without contacting RBWM to seek permission, which will not be granted unless the trees are diseased, dying or dead and then it will be RBWM who will commission the contractors. More on the Castle Farm Spinney land protections here.

If you live nearby please keep an eye on the signs and let me know if they are removed and I’ll replace it. Or you can download and print off yourself.

Thank you.

Cllr Jon Davey

3 thoughts on “Castle Farm Spinney TPO Notice

      1. Thank you for replying – presumably the original developers trying to make a fast buck then! Hope the people in Wolf Lane remember to replant the trees they chopped down a while ago…….


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