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There Only Appears to be One Solution to Inconsiderate Parking

van parked on gallys

This week I have spoken to the Police and our Head of Parking and essentially nothing could be done about how the owner of this vehicle had parked. It’s been there for at least one week and is causing unnecessary disruption.

It is obviously forcing traffic coming down Gallys Road to take a central position,  when those who use the area frequently know that parking on the opposite side of the road forces vehicles driving south also into the centre, potentially causing an altercation as both drivers are blind to the other until the last minute.

The only solution is to put double yellow lines on the corners of the roads adjoining Gallys Road so that the Police or RBWM enforcement officers can issue tickets and discourage poor parking.

Proposal for gallys road

The question then becomes how many junctions and how much of the road needs double yellow lines?

I’ll be exploring the options with residents in the New Year.

Thank you.


2 responses to “There Only Appears to be One Solution to Inconsiderate Parking”

  1. Double yellow lines are desperately needed in gallys road on the bend from knights close to Blackhorse close. To go round that bend is completely blind to traffic coming the other way

  2. Why do Vans etc. park on pavements? They stop pedestrians and those with prams or buggies using the pavements for what they were designed for…?

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