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What is the Green Room School at The Swan Pub?

willy calvert swan pub

Why is there a 6th Form school at the 200 year old Swan pub in Clewer village, Windsor? Because Richard Allen met Willy Calvert over a pint and thought, why the heck not…

The work these guys do is inspirational and you should really make a brew, take 20 minutes out of your day and watch Richard talk about the story of turning cygnets into swans…

Richard gave this presentation as part of our Tesco Community Champion Coffee Mornings which we are currently hosting twice a month in Windsor, bringing community groups together to network and create new opportunities. Find out about future events…

If they couldn’t make it as a brewer and a head teacher, there was alway Rock’n’Roll 😉

Thank you

Jon Davey

Tesco Dedworth Community Champion

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