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Windsor Conservative Election Flyer Errors

Windsor Conservative Election Flyer Errors

I was asked today if I would be challenging the incorrect information on the Windsor Conservative election flyer that has been delivered in my ward and I replied “No, it’s a complete waste of everyone’s time.”

The reality is that we are not in purdah yet and so they can put whatever they like on their literature. If we were in purdah (starts 22nd March) then all printed election materials need to have an imprint which means it has to be clear who is printing materials, sponsoring the communications and on behalf of which candidate.

Nearly every piece of Conservative marketing material that has been delivered to my door in the last few years have had errors on them.

The practical reality is the “crime” needs to be reported to the Police and since they are not pretending they are anything other than Tory candidates then I am really not concerned about what amounts to wasting Police time.

For me the question is simple… if they can’t get their printed materials right then can they really be trusted to run the Borough?

What is purdah in the UK?

The pre-election period (commonly known as Purdah) describes the period of time beginning with the publication of a notice of election. During this time specific restrictions on communications activity are in place. In 2023 notices of election for all polls taking place on 4 May will be published on 22 March 2023.

What is an Imprint on election material?

Thank you.


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  1. Dear Jon,

    You might also like to know that yesterday we received “Clewer East Ward In Touch”. Very interesting and would have been great where I grew up in Harcourt Road, but we live in Basford Way.

    Kind regards, Sue Milne

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  2. i had a flyer from Ed Wilson and Malcolm Alexander, their email address took me to international banking abroad and other banking connections!! tried it again but with the same results!

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