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The one about Paul O’Grady, King Charles, Ken Barlow and The Pope…

10110 royal wedding charles and camilla

King Charles married Camilla on 9th April 2005 putting pay to our multi-millionaire t-shirt empire before it began! Life could have been so different…


In 2005 we had a successful email marketing business and our Business in Berkshire website was achieving millions of page views a year.

Living in Windsor, Ali & I got married at The Guildhall in June 2000, on hearing Charles was planning on getting married at The Guildhall, we put a page on the site about our wedding and figured it would be fun to create a t-shirt and try and sell a few online… 

My father-in-law drew a picture of Charles & Camilla in their matching green outfits and captioned it “If at first you don’t succeed, try try try again” 😉

We posted a story and went on a cruise, as you do when times are good. On our return the answering machine was full to the brim with messages. Canadian TV wanted to come round and do a story on us, a message from BBC World Service asking if we knew anyone with Royal connections and most significantly, the Paul O’Grady Show had called, asked if we could do a Ken & Deidre t-shirt as they were getting married on the same day.

I spoke to John, he created a great pic and we produced a few t-shirts and sent a pair up to the show. They asked if we’d go up to the studio… go on then 😉

In the meantime, we’d won a meal for 2 at Latino’s in the school raffle. On popping to the loo I spotted an opportunity and asked Greg the owner, would he rent out his top room for the Royal Wedding? He would… I spoke to my friend Hanif, who had trained the Sky News TV crew on the use of boom cameras and he spoke to the News Editor and agreed a fee… we shared the fee with Greg and Sky News had a room looking onto The Guildhall for the wedding day.

Ali and I went up to the Paul O’Grady Show in our new, to us, Audi convertible and as I recall it was a little chilly but the sun was out, the sky was blue and it would have been rude not to have the lid down. We’d got a pic of the day somewhere, courtesy of the congestion charge, as we forgot to pay the congestion fee when we got home!

A few days before the show it was announced that the Pope had died and his funeral was to be on the 8th April, the original date for the Royal Wedding and Charles had to change his plans. We went up to the show anyway and out of respect for the Pope, Paul played it all down and that’s the reason we don’t have a multi-million pound t-shirt empire.

There is a bonus upside…

A friend of mine was the Chair of The Prince’s Trust for Berkshire at the time and I’d put her in touch with the BBC World Service who arranged to interview her on the day itself. She was in Windsor for another engagement and happened to be talking to the Tourism Manager, who asked if she would like a couple of tickets to go inside Windsor Castle on the day since she’d be at The Harte & Garter for the BBC interview… she said yes please. Then the UK Chair heard about the BBC interview and pulled rank, leaving Alison with a free day and two tickets to the wedding. She figured, since I had joined the dots on the interview, it was only right for her to ask me first…

charles and camillas wedding

I obviously said YES PLEASE and had a most enjoyable day… 

We’ve been luckily enough to get tickets for the Coronation Concert… all we need now are a couple of tickets to a Royal Garden Party and we’ll be able to reminisce about the good old days 😉

Thank you.


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