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Windsor Horse Rangers

windsor horse rangers

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Windsor Horse Rangers was created to teach horsemanship and riding to local children aged between 8 and 18 who attend for 3- 8 hours each weekend.

The children learn how to get the horses ready to ride, how to clean up after them and every aspect of how to look after a horse, in addition to learning to ride. 

Rangers also learn other skills like teamwork, leadership and respect for people and animals. They spend most of their of time outside doing physical activities and are also taught theory in our classrooms.

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  1. My two children joined the horse rangers from the very beginning. They were taken upto Kingston by coach then it moved to a farm in Holyport. They now have their own land in Fifield. It is a marvelous organisation, my children not only learnt to ride but learnt how to keep a horse..I’m so pleased that after over 50 years it is still a strong club

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