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Busy Buttons Helps Those with Super Powers

Busy Buttons Need Help from those with Super Powers

Busy Buttons is an inspirational space for Windsor’s young people whose super powers are not always recognised and appreciated by those around them. It sounds, to me, like Busy Buttons add a magic button that empower these young people, enabling them to recognise their super powers and make them work for them, boosting confidence and self belief.

I’ve been aware of the name Busy Buttons for many years but never really knew what they did. I figured it was to do with young kids, creating art and sticking buttons on the pictures as a gift for mum & dad as mine did before they grew into the fantastic young adults they are today.

I was so off the mark! I met up with Louella & Lautaro to find out more about Busy Buttons and was amazed at what I found in a small corner of King Edward Court, Windsor Yards. Click play and let them tell you a story…


With major refurbishment works due to commencing at Windsor Yards, Busy Buttons are looking for a new home. They need somewhere in the order of 100 square metres of floor space to run their programmes and for storage.

Please go and have a proper good look around their website and find out more about the great work they do. If you know of someone with a property that might be able to help, please join the dots.

Do you recall the artwork, made of cycle wheels, displayed on The Long Walk as part of Her Majesty the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, they created it… YOU COULD BUY IT… contact them and make an offer 😉

Platinum Jubilee Windsor

They describe themselves as “An inclusive charity helping each child find their unique potential using creativity & imagination.”

Busy Buttons Need Help from those with Super Powers

A CONSCIOUS JOURNEY – taken from their website.

“Inspired by a life-threatening event, Busy Buttons was born with an aim to promote creative expression, nurture imagination, make human connections, enrich and empower the lives of young people from diverse ethnicities and social backgrounds with varying abilities and needs. 

Over the years, Busy Buttons CORE has grown to continue in its outreach delivering vibrant inclusive programmes and events to the community promoting arts, heritage and culture. 

Addressing the recent global challenges, Busy Buttons has responded immediately by offering interactive programmes and virtual events encouraging safe but vital social interaction during lockdown, sparking creative imagination, encouraging discussion and inspiring children to reduce prolonged passive screen time and engage in hands on activities. 

The world is undergoing a transformation and we all must respond to very new needs and situations simultaneously as they arise. Thus we aim to encourage our young people positively to rise to the demands of the unfathomable and unpredictable challenges with great ingenuity, imagination and a ‘can do’ attitude.”

– Chairperson, Louella Fernandez-Lempiäinen

Thank you.


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