Adam Afriyie MP – please make it easier for Windsor’s sole traders to access cash!

Dear Adam,

How to begin this letter? What is going on in the world? Who would have thought 4 weeks ago we would be where we are now?

Yesterday I clicked through on a link to dot Gov to read about the support available for sole traders. Tax dodging corporations are making claims on UK plc and how the Government treats them is of little concern to me, they are always going to find ways to squeeze an extra quid out of a situation.

What I am concerned about is the distinct lack of consideration for sole traders that make up over 60% of UK businesses!

Obviously that doesn’t mean they are 60% of the workforce. If we work on 6% being sole traders and we can then add limited companies that are essentially one person… say 10%?

If the population of Windsor is circa 33,000 people, 10% is 3,300, they have families relying on them… so shall we just look at it like this 10,000 mouths, 30% of your constituents, are currently in a very fragile situation financially. Some may well have managed to save a few quid over the years but I would suggest the majority are living hand to mouth, week to week.

The Government’s response, “Don’t phone us, we’ll phone you!” And it will be the sole traders fault if we dare to try and find out what is going on and interrupt the work they are doing right now… sorry but WTF type of response is that…

How to apply
You cannot apply for this scheme yet.
HMRC will contact you if you are eligible for the scheme and invite you to apply online.
Individuals do not need to contact HMRC now and doing so will only delay the urgent work being undertaken to introduce the scheme.

I emailed my accountant to see if I was dreaming and he replied…

The Job retention scheme was never going to be available until at least 17 April and the Self employed income support had the ability to submit a 2019/20 return opened up until 23 April which is why Late May or early June was given as the date when payments could be made. By which time some self employed will be destitute or have committed suicide. The stats show the average self-employed person has 3 months of savings but in reality some have loads of wonga whilst many live hand to mouth and were penniless a week after the work dried up. Getting universal credit is a fulltime job and they still ask questions ‘are seeking employment?’ or ‘what is your job search schedule’ and when you get agreed you are told the end of the next month is when the first payment will be made. Even less help for the loan scheme. The Banks’ own figures show only 600 loans granted under the scheme.

What are your residents supposed to do right now to survive?

Why aren’t the government simply giving people money and then claiming it back later through the tax system?

Do they actively want people to commit suicide? If they know that is a proven consequence of such circumstances and the policy leads there, then on their head be it.

It very much feels like a prequel to the Hunger Games and Windsor really needs to see it’s MP kicking arse and getting residents what they need to survive beyond Covid-19… even the name has a Hunger Games feel about it!

Sole Traders and SMEs need access to cash facilities NOW not in June…

Please do what you can to get the Government to change their stance and offer help NOW or come the next election, should there be one, I would anticipate a huge change in the nature of Parliaments make up.

Thank you.


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