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Nice work Parky xx

You’ll be sadly missed but just think of all the interviews you can do now!

Every picture tells a story…

We were at the Alexander Devine Annual Ball at Wentworth, Parky was hosting with a couple of mates… if you get to see Bobby Davro live, do so, what a laugh he was 😉

I wanted to get Ali to have a photo with Parky but she was being shy.

As we were heading towards the main door I noticed Parky coming our way… so I asked Ali to pose for pic with the event as the background… I fluffed around with the camera and as Parky neared us I simply said, “Can we have a picture Parky”

He was obviously happy to do so and Ali was wrong footed, hence her reaction in the photo 😉

And for the kids getting their A Levels today, do let them know he only had 2 O Levels and look what a full life he had… but then he was from Yorkshire not a southern softie 😉

Thank you.


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