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The One About the EV Summer Holiday…

scott-umstattd-Vy-sy7IiGok-unsplash electric car beetle

Tell me if you’ve heard this one already but it will make you laugh or cry…

One of my Rotary pals gave an excellent presentation today on his decision not to buy an electric car and I’ll add his slides below if he’s willing to share…

But then another Rotarian told the tale of his son’s EV Summer Holiday…

He’d bought a hybrid as seemingly electric motors are not keen on caravans!

Off he went, expecting the electric engine to do most of the hard yards on their trip to Cornwall

Sadly the electric engine wasn’t up to it and he had to fill up with petrol 4x on the way there… and same on the way home!

Has it got a smaller petrol tank I asked… NO…

The petrol engines feeds the electric engine and so the round trip cost him best part of £1,000

Not sure our friends are electric!

If you’ve been thinking twice about getting an electric car probably best have another think and make sure you ask all the right questions.

Thank you


Photo by Scott Umstattd on Unsplash

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