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Election Candidates take on Gaza

chuttersnap-tzymjuiSqCE-unsplash gaza

With next year’s Parliamentary candidates getting their photos in the paper talking about the mundane, I thought it would be good to hear their thoughts on an important question.

How do they stand on the Israeli Hamas Gaza question?


  • 1,400 killed by Hamas
  • 10,000 killed by Israel

We know the following candidates, others are welcome to step up and share their views if they plan to stand in the local elections next year.

  • Michael Boyle – Green Party
  • David Buckley – Independent 
  • Jack Rankin – Conservatives
  • Julian Tisi – LibDems

If candidates can respond to this blog post below please… you can add to social channels but I would like a concise picture to be shared on this page for the readers benefit… Thank you.

10am… I have messaged all via FB and Twitter so they are aware the post exists

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

One response to “Election Candidates take on Gaza”

  1. Hi Jon – thank you for the opportunity to comment.
    The surprise and devastating attack on 7 October from the Hamas terror group was the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. The world was witness to some of the most horrific ISIS-style war crimes – indiscriminate murder and torture of civilians, including babies and the elderly. The bodies of hundreds of Israelis have still yet to be identified due to the severity of their injuries, including being burned alive and beheadings. Such explicit crimes against humanity must not be tolerated by any nation that values democracy and the sanctity of life. When we say ‘never again’ it means standing up to this in the present.
    Israel, like any other nation, has the right (indeed duty to its citizens) to defend itself: It is doing so.
    Calls for ceasefire are understandable, but the difficult reality is that Hamas have no interest in a ceasefire. Hamas has always exploited ceasefires to rearm and expand its terror network within Gaza’s civilian population. Each time, this has led to greater bloodshed and suffering for both Palestinians and Israelis.
    I support the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people, and support a lasting solution for Israelis and Palestinians alike. However, Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people or their aspirations; it offers nothing for them other than more terror and more bloodshed. I therefore support Israel’s right to go after Hamas, take back the hostages, deter further incursions and strengthen its security for the long term.
    The loss of every innocent life is a tragedy, but to be clear, they are currently being driven by Hamas having enmeshed itself amidst the civilian population of Gaza.
    If we want a lasting peace, which can only be brought about through a lasting two-state solution, then Hamas must be eliminated, simply allowing them to regroup will only see the violent cycle will continue.

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