Primary Concern: Where are my kids going to live in Windsor?

Talking to people on the doorsteps while canvassing Park Ward one of the primary concerns is, “Where are my children going to live?”

With property prices inflated by pension funds buying up properties to rent, increasing in value year on year in the South of England while providing a regular income from people who have to live in the area for work.

Very sensible some would argue… probably those with a fist full of dollars… but what about most people? I know, who cares about the other guy? Give me all the pies… it’s a dog eat dog world out there… get outta my way!

family pic

Talking to someone yesterday they are currently paying £1,900 per month rental on a 4 bedroom property to house their family. That requires a salary of £29,000 a year just to pay the rent, never mind the council tax, phone, gas, electric, water, food and a car…

OK, so if 4 mates got together and paid a quarter each then they’d have money for socialising… happy days… but wanting to be surrounded by mates only lasts a few years.

We grow up and get married which then, with the blessing of whatever God you choose to believe in, you’ll have a couple of kids who grow up in a happy space… if all you and your partner are doing is worrying about money then the space ain’t gunna be that happy.

Pubs used to a place we could go and meet our friends, chew the cud over a few pints, take the kids on a Saturday afternoon treat… now there is only one pub left where there were many more…

the bricklayers arms hatch lane

the bricklayers hatch lane

(Top borrowed from a discussion about this on The Royal Windsor Forum. Second image shot by me today which shows the roof line… how was this given the nod?)

Ex-Tory Councillor Tom Burnsall was involved in the Licensing Panel and the Panel responsible for what used to be know as “town planning” which has aided his ability to purchase at least two pubs and convert them into multiple residential properties. He was a Tory at the last elections and as soon as he was voted in, changed allegiance to UKIP, as you do!

the bell parsonage lane

Three pubs on Hatch Lane area have been turned into properties. The Bell on Parsonage Lane became housing and The Three Elms was given permission to become a Tesco Express which causes all sorts of congestion issues with its limited parking and is an accident hot spot waiting to happen. Who gives permission for this sort of thing?

tesco express three elms hatch lane

I’m increasingly firing myself up for this councillor role so that I can have my say and prevent this sort of abuse of public trust.

holyport college

The council commissioned a report on educational needs for the Borough, it reported that more 6th Form spaces were needed in Windsor… so the Tories ignored it and built Holyport College where we find Deputy Leader, Councillor Simon Dudley as Founder, Member and Chair of Governors. I’ve heard that this “free” school is already earmarked for £480,000 of what used to be known as Section 106 funding even though it doesn’t meet the agreed requirements!?

Have I got it wrong but “free” school means that it is a private company that needs to stand on its own two feet and prove its worth without the need for council help & support?

They keep changing the name of departments and funding streams… surely that makes it difficult to manage and monitor your accounting process?

demolished york stream house - st ives house- data house maidenhead

Word has it that there is a plan for a 17 storey tower block of flats on the site of the old York Stream House, St Ives House and Data House… the aim is to fill up the financial black hole the Tories are creating by their management of your assets.

If you want to keep with the same old people in power, slipping around in the same old way, which will result in the Garden Centres being turned into housing for sale to the highest bidder with very little, if any “real” consideration given to the needs of our families then please, keep voting for the Tories… the perfect partner in a dog eat dog world.

On the other hand, if you’d rather live in a real community where proper consideration is given to the wider needs of everyone then vote for a multi pack of opinions by voting for Independent Candidates across the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead on 7th May.

Thank you.


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