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Windsor Election Twitter Campaign Analysis

election 15 command centre

Before I talk about Twitter I’d just like to thank HALF the people of Windsor for believing in me and voting accordingly…

Now that might sound like Adam Afriyie’s inaugural speech but actually it’s mine?!

For the first week of my campaigning I monitored how many people responded to my knock on the door… 40% of people would open the door, 99% would take my leaflet, half would say thank you and walk back inside to the safety of their nest while the other 50% would talk a while on the door step and establish my credibility for being a candidate.

There are, in round numbers, 3500 people who can vote on Park Ward and around 2000 houses. 40% of 2000 is 800, 50% who talked to me is 400 and I polled 198 votes, so it’s fair to assume that half those that took time to talk to me then believed in me enough to vote.

jon davey and wisdom da costa election day

So if I had spoken to every single person on my patch then I’d win the seat. That makes me feel good and gives me faith in the future of mankind… God bless Windsor 😉

Back to the Twitter campaign…

Saturday 4th April I thought let’s see what Twitter can do for the campaign and took an image of my initial flyer, added the words “Do you love #Windsor? We do… so we’d like to see more parties represented at council… time for change at #RBWM” (click on the image to view it large)

windsor election stats 4th april 2015

By the following morning 932 people had viewed the ad, 20 had clicked for more and it had cost me the grand total of £2.67! After a week this was 10,984 impressions, 412 engagements which equates to a 3.75% click through rate for just £21.87… amazing results…

windsor election stats 12th to 18th april 2015

I was aware though that using the same advert would get boring so for week two I got adventurous and created some fun, factual ads which would entertain as well as keep me in their minds eye.

windsor local elections 2015 democracy vote independent jon davey and franco de luca

windsor local elections 2015 magna carta vote independent jon davey and franco de luca

top 9 policies

windsor local elections 2015 europe vote independent jon davey and franco de luca

I must have created 20 different ads during the course of the campaign and I upped my cost per click from 10p to 20p on the penultimate day, to 33p on the last day… resulting in a total of 41,000 impressions, 1500 clicks all for the princely sum of £99.70.

Did it generate any votes, who knows, I like to think it helped… what do you think?

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