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Why does Simon Dudley believe his school can have £480,000 while others get NOTHING?

If you agree that this isn’t right then please sign the Petition on the RBWM website here >>> well on it’s way to 1000 signatures which would make it impossible to ignore… make it happen 😉

holyport college

Simon Dudley is a Conservative Councillor for Maidenhead Riverside, Deputy Leader of the Council and is Cabinet Member for Finance with fingers in many other pies

councillor simon dudley rbwm

Committee Appointments:
• Deputy Leader of the Council
• Cabinet Member – Finance
• Aviation Forum
• Berkshire Pension Fund Panel (Substitute)
• Employment Panel
• Maidenhead Development Control Panel
• Constitution Sub-Committee (Substitute)
• Grants Panel (Substitute)
• Head Teachers’ Policy Forum (Substitute)
• Maidenhead Town Forum (Substitute)
• Staff Forum (Substitute)

On the Register of Interests he is a director of two companies and is founder of two schools.
• Director – Two 5 Nine Limited
• Director – RBWM Commercial Services Limited
• Holyport College – Founder, Member and Chair of Governors
• Forest Bridge School – Founder, Member and Governor

How does someone, who in ordinary business speak is the equivalent of a Financial Director for the RBWM, get to award £480,000 of local developer funding to his own school when other schools get NOTHING?

In July 2011 The Task and Finish Group was set up to explore future education needs… download the Windsor System Task and Finish Paper.

It’s findings ignored and Holyport College was given the go ahead.

Moving ahead just a few years and S106 money, now called CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) is available… initially £927k was sought from developers which included at leasts 9 schools but then the rules changed on 6th April requiring more specific schemes to be presented. On 6th March Primary Schools in Maidenhead were invited to submit revised schemes, 4 responded and 3 were rejected by officers?

If your school had the chance to have a slice of best part of £1,000,000 to facilitate new places you’d make sure your proposal was in keeping with the guidelines surely to goodness?

Wouldn’t it have made sense for council officers to guide the schools in their applications, rather than simply rejecting them at the end of the process? Surely their role is to do the best they can for the people of Windsor & Maidenhead, not the developers?

Holyport College, up for around £27k of the £927k first time around, finds itself alone in getting £480k second time around.

There is something slightly smelly about the Stafferton Way development… well I guess it is next to the sewage works!

If this gets your goat then there is a Facebook Group rallying support for appropriate action to be taken and there is a Petition on the RBWM website which is igniting with the signatures of the local electorate who have had their fill of councillors and politicians who seem to use their position to get ahead of the game.

This is how he brushed off local interest in Holyport College’s access to S106 funding in a tweet:

While another celebrates one of his other schools dining facilities…

Commenting on the Heathrow expansion because it’s not what the voters want to hear but I suspect he’ll be planning another school to add to his portfolio!

Naturally he doesn’t want bothering with Legoland traffic but surely there is an opportunity for a Lego FREE School with FREE LEGO for all students 😉

He’s bigging up FREE schools taking on the Private schools for grades…

Such a shame he can only manage a “GOOD” grade, sounds like average to me… best pull his socks up…

During the election campaign Simon Dudley blocked me from following him on Twitter… why would you do that?

Go follow him and let us know on this page if he blocks you too…

And if you’d like to ask him any questions, his contact details are on this page…

At what point does a By election happen, anyone know?

Thank you.



10 thoughts on “Why does Simon Dudley believe his school can have £480,000 while others get NOTHING?

  1. Thank you for helping to get the word out there, great article. I was blocked by Cllr Dudley before the election for saying that retweeting the Ed Miliband bacon sarnie photo smacked of desperation.


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