Rotary Needs YOU >>> Young & Old Alike >>>

Last weekend was Windsor & Eton Rotary Club’s Mid-Summer Fayre and the older Rotarians were ably helped by local sixth formers from our Interact Club…

I was reminded of the fact I hadn’t written this up yesterday when I got this lovely email from Emma Broad, one of the younger Rotarians that joined in the fun…

Duck Race Interact club 3

Hi Jonathan,

I know it’s been a week since I helped out at the Rotary Club’s annual fair but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed myself and I know Phoebe and Niamh had a good time too.

If you ever need any help again in the future then please let us know the dates as I would certainly be more than happy to help and I’m sure there are other members of our Interact club that could come along too.

I’ve attached the photos that I took of the duck race although the quality may not be brilliant as I was using my phone.

Best wishes,
Emma Broad

Duck Race Interact club 8

Its heart warming to know that there are young people out there who care about local community…

The modern world is all about self and having more stuff than the next guy or gal… and how can you accumulate all that stuff if you are helping other people when you could be making more money honey?

Enjoy the great pictures taken by Emma… enjoy the pictures I tweeted of the stalls on the day… and enjoy the 30 minute video I watched at the weekend, via Facebook, shared by another humanitarian @carboncoach… it explains why society is broken and if you use your noodle, how we might fix it together…

If you would like the world to be a happier place and would like to know more about Rotary then check out the District website, Fred King is the new District Governor and is on a mission to drive more members in his year and he’s asked for a little help from a friend.

If you live in Windsor and would like to attend one of our Monday lunches then give me a nudge 07717 820823 or fill in this form…

And when it’s all over, best tidy up…

The video below is the long version, the 30 minute version can be found here >>>

Thank you.


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