HOLD THE FRONT PAGE : RBWM Leaders to be questioned at FULL Council Meeting…

Are the current Tory Leaders at RBWM Council simply laughing at the electorate? Playing self serving games with RBWM Council resources in the corridors of power?

You may be of the opinion it has always been that way, nothing changes or can be changed… BUT I’m of the opinion it very much can, in this new world of social media accountability to the electorate… especially if you voice your concerns as over 1600 people did this month…

hold the front page holyport college

The Royal Borough Observer gave it the front page of this week’s newspaper… The Maidenhead Advertiser gave it all of page 6… go buy a copy of both papers so you can read the very strong feelings of local parents in full…

Here is the RBWM Petition that generated a record breaking 1,613 votes in just 15 days… asking the council to revoke its decision to award Holyport College £480,000… it closed early so it can be brought before the FULL council on 28th July at The Guildhall in Windsor… starts 7:30pm so arrive from 6:30pm to get a good seat…

It would seem the Council Leaders over at RBWM Council Chambers are laughing at the people if you read their tweets and blogs around their decision to award Holyport College the lion’s share of S106 developer funding, a huge £480,000 based on their own formula and voted for by the opportunist Deputy Leader, Cabinet Member for Finance for RBWM and Founder and Chair of the Governors of Holyport College… and Cllr Phillip Bicknell, Cabinet Member for Education, Deputy Chairman of Cabinet and parent to one of the teachers at Holyport College… both chosen by Cllr David Burbage Leader of the Council and Chairman of Cabinet.

Find our more here: https://www.facebook.com/fairerfunding

We’ve all heard the famous phase by Lord Acton of “Absolute power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely…” he was writing to a scholar friend at the time about the Catholic Church. The bit that resonates with me is a little further on, highlighted below…

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority, still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority. There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it. Lord Acton

In Lord Action’s time you could get away with ignoring what the peasants had to say because you didn’t need to share the same air as them if you’d rather not… today, with social media, you cannot be so egotistical, you have to listen and demonstrate you are listing or your time in power will be very seriously limited…

The current Tory leadership doesn’t believe that for one second… they believe as long as they are seen as the best example of Tory local governorship that they will be rewarded with the chance of a Tory safe seat, should they want one, in the next election, maybe the one after, or the one after hopefully! But you promised!

cllr simon dudley blocked me on twitter

Cllr Simon Dudley spends his time blocking local residents who dare to question him on Twitter @MrSimonDudley claiming they are trolls or dismissing them in some other conceited way showing little respect for the fact that it is the very same citizens that voted him in.

Cllr Phillip Bicknell is a business man and so is blessed with modicum of common sense which has seen him avoid Twitter and blogging in favour of face to face conversations.

In a recent “Letter to the Editor” of The Maidenhead Advertiser, Cllr David Burbage MBE was showing his open support for his deputy which will not be easily deleted if he should have a change of heart and think his old chum a little too close to executioners axe lest he get caught up in his whirlwind exit from grace… thank goodness you landed the bling last year David 😉


He starts by saying, “That’s why the council voted unanimously, opposition included, in April to use developer contributions (S106) to expand the fantastic new school at Holyport College, statistically the most popular school in the Royal Borough.”

So how was that measured and when? Turns out it’s to do with the over subscription being divided by the number of available spaces… read more in the papers… those subscriptions may be impacted by the story of the young Muslim boy who reportedly had a knife put to his throat… read the broadsheets…




A little later he says, “But to translate that as criticism to elected members who have a legitimate and disclosed relationship with the school (as councillors have with many schools across the borough), transparently saying and doing the same thing, and following the same policies and rules, is simply wrong.”

cllr david burbage 1960s politics

While on his own blog he writes “At 9:55 “Council members are not permitted to vote on matters connected with their private business”. Oh how sensible and simple the rules were then…” can hear the smugness in his tone while writing this? A double entendre thinking how there would be no way this poxy petition by some irate local peasants would impact on him… seriously darling! Read it with your won eyes…


He further goes on, “We know from our experience that political opponents will seek to undermine the free schools programme …” these are not 1613 political opponents who have signed this petition… these are 1613 voters who live and work in The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead who are not going to accept anyone who appears to have their hand in the community pot and those around them who support their deluded claims… did I see a job looking into benefit claims being advertised on the council website?

The council, so concerned about public opinion, requested a pre-council meeting this week at RBWM Council Offices with Alison Alexander, Director of Children’s Services and David Scott Head of Education, around 50 residents and 1 Lib Dem Councillor Simon WERNER but none of the councillors involved. Alison advised that because of the number of questions coming at them from the public they would not be answering anymore questions posted via email and that only at public meetings would they address questions… excuse me but WTF… doesn’t really bode well for a fair, open and transparent hearing on 28th July.

I’ve literally just seen a link to David’s latest blog… thought it worthy of comment… you can too…

david burgage blog 17th july

I feel there will be only one recourse… that of calling in the Ombudsman to review all the information and make a very transparent decision on this… and if any “insider dealing” has gone on very severe action taken to show the local councillors that they are not immune from the will of the people all but for a few days every 4 years… anything else is naive in the extreme.

Thank you.


P.S. I would be extremely grateful if anyone has seen an official documents, newspaper articles or blogs referring to this story if they could post links below to the web pages where more can be read and so those who follow you in reading the above and want to know more can do so easily without having to google them…

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