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Legoland (Hotel) will get planning permission to extend unless…

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You send an email to planning at RBWM. If you are happy for Legoland to get planning permission then you need do nothing…

Helen Price produced this video to appeal for residents’ support for the Planning Inquiry to be held in October for a new attraction, the Haunted House. There is another planning application – a Hotel Extension – which will, in the opinion of her and others, simply bring more traffic…

There are only five days left to submit your objection. So far there are just under 20 Community Comments, all objections. You can view all the planning documents here… (Thank you to those who have already submitted.) If the Hotel Extension is built and traffic gets worse there is NO TURNING BACK THE CLOCK.

(I supplied a lot of information in an email originally sent out to people who had shown an interest on 10 July and this might have appeared overwhelming so) Here is a short suggestion of what you can do and say.

email (to) (for the attentions of) att. Sarah L Smith quoting (ensuring you quote the) application number 15/02004/FULL, give your name and address (address and of course your name).

“I object to the planning application for the Hotel Extension. The level of traffic generally is intolerable and curtails my ability to go about my work and social life without hindrance. Despite what Legoland claim this Hotel Extension will increase traffic. Our roads just cannot cope with more traffic.”

If you’d like more background information then please email me (and I will respond with my earlier email and all its references.)

Best wishes

Helen –

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