You don’t have to say anything… just turn up to RBWM on Tuesday 7pm…

For the RBWM Council leaders to take a group of people seriously then it need to go large for tomorrow evening’s council meeting at Maidenhead Town Hall.

A small group is like an irritation; it can be scratched and dismissed easily… for us to get under the skin then we need to turn up in numbers.

There were 1616 who signed this petition… that was nice simple process… fill in the form, job done… turning up for the meeting requires more energy.

It also requires you to have a clear diary, so no work or kids to worry about… which will lead towards the silver gang doing its thing for the community… which is its job.


God forbid you have to stand up in front of 200 people and say anything! You don’t have to… it’s your physical presence that is required.

Turn up tomorrow at Maidenhead town hall for 7:00pm… meeting starts 7:30pm

Make sure you share the time and location with as many people as possible so that 10% of those that feel passionately about the process make the effort to turn up and be counted.

rbwm council leaders holyport college

This is less about Holyport College being awarded the money and much more about the process of decision making…

• Councillors voting when they have a vested interested
• Council officials making up formulae to fit their needs
• Lack of transparency and accountability…

David Burbage had at least 10 comments on this blog post and has now turned off the ability for people to post comments… he has left mine so I appear like a loan wolf… this simply goes to underline the lack of accountability to the people of the leaders of the RBWM!

I cannot see this meeting being anything more than another coat of white wash on the situation… no laws broken here… we don’t need to worry about morals, they don’t work here anymore… so 1960s !

BUT the level of feeling needs to be felt and reported by the local media so that the Ombudsman knows they need to run a very transparent enquiry and ensure the councillors are brought into line for future decision making.

And the local population needs to understand that if it votes blue, blue, blue then they will simply do as they please with your resources.

Thank you.


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