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Carrie Jane Needs YOUR Pretty Eyes on this…

stripped back carrie jane pretty eyes

OK, so this is music biz, we need to build up to to a crescendo 😉

Do you know why WINDSOR lost out to GUILDFORD in the Monopoly Game vote?

Because the local population of Guildford got off their proverbial and voted where as we didn’t… simples… not sure how many they will sell on a global scale but I guess them are the breaks when the company use a public vote for the competition! At least it wasn’t towny mactowny macbrownie!

Any road, by Royal appointment almost, we ran a Twitter competition yesterday

And we had to choose a winner from all the entrants… YEEHAAA we had a WINNER! and MamaJane wondered what she’d won… errrr!

The music industry is a game of Monopoly with chance playing a huge part so let’s help Carrie Jane onto the next run in her chosen career ladder by hitting VOTE… follow the instructions below and let’s make THIS happen Windsor.

Instructions: click on the link
• Create a ‘muser’ account … suggest just log on with your Facebook account for ease
• Go to competitions
• Go to stripped back competition
• Click charts
• Find Carrie Jane and Pretty Eyes and click VOTE

carrie jane pretty eyes charts stripped back competition

Obviously you can vote for any of the other contestants but I hear they’re all from Guildford and obviously we need to get our own back, those blighters 😉

The TOP 25 get through to the next round where the judges will decide the next step… so let’s do what we can to help Carrie Jane get that far… jump to it Windsor and if you’re technologically challenged don’t worry, you’re not alone, get the kids to fill it on for you… CRACK ON…

Top artist has 242 votes, Carrie Jane has 74… so 200 votes ish gets her the top spot…


Crack on Windsor and let’s celebrate by organising a free gig for the town on that all new singing and dancing bandstand! That’s what it’s for after all…

Thank you.


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