Ray, Rick and a Chick

Saturday afternoon we popped over to Ascot for some live music… mate of mine Ray Fensome plays lead guitar with Rick Astley… the sun was out so we figured, let’s dance…

OK so that’s Bowie but Ray thought he was Ziggy for a few years in his dreams… now those dreams are coming true for my man… tells me, “He’s having the best years of his life!” I guess that’s what keeps him sort of looking young 😉

Let’s start with him… jump to the finale… then let the videos land where they might and enjoy some pics from the day…

Rick Astley Ascot with ray fensome

Blue got the party started…

Rick Astley Ascot Blue

Lulu has to shout to get out attention 😉

Rick Astley Ascot Lulu

Rick was just happy to be there…

Rick Astley Ascot blue light

They pulled in a great crowd which made him feel funky…

Rick Astley Ascot crowds to the front

Rick Astley Ascot crowds to the rear

Rick Astley Ascot crowds to the left

Rick Astley Ascot stage

Great day out… next time we’ll be taking a picnic 😉

Thank you.


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