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Summer fun makes Christmas brighter in Windsor

Do you know who pays for the Christmas lights in Windsor? Is it…

a) Tinkerbell with a little help from Peter Pan
b) RBWM Council making excellent use of your council tax
c) YOU with a little help from Windsor & Eton Rotarians

duck race windsor and eton rotary duck at work

I know, we all like a good fairy tale but pigs don’t dare to fly in Cameron’s Britain! It’s definitely not “b” for BOO, councillors are baddies in this story, let me hear you “BOO”… their only interest is in keeping the council tax the same while increasing their own expenses, especially now a new black prince has taken the throne, ensuring they curry favour with Cameron and the seven (probably more) other naughty boys & girls… who do you think demands first pick of all the flying pigs 😉 Oh yes they do…

tinkerbell in windsor great park

It would be so great if it was “a” Tinkerbell but she’s up to her arms in it in Windsor Great Park, tidying up after all the lazy dog owners who don’t pick up their doggy doos… well they expect the council to do it and you guessed it, they’re too busy catching flying pigs!

duck race windsor and eton rotary donald paul and lawrence

Nope, it’s left to “c” Windsor & Eton Rotarians to spend their Saturday’s in June selling duck race tickets for £2 to you and other generous Windsor citizens who appreciate the odds are probably better on winning the duck race and the top prize of £400 than they are of winning the equivalent prize in the lottery (could someone work that out for me, based on say 2000 ducks entering the race)

windsor midsummer fayre alexandra gardens 28th june

For the next few Saturday’s until the Summer Fayre on 25th June 2016 in Alexandra Gardens, Rotarians will be stood outside Waitrose in the King Edward Court Shopping Centre, selling duck race tickets for £2… please buy one so that when Bazil (or similar Panto celeb) throws the switch we have more bright lights and not some Tiny Tim tinsel squid baubles that council Scrooges would rather we had… let me hear you… “BOO… I’ll buy a ticket Jon” 😉 Me, “Thank you!”

If you appreciate the Christmas lights and can afford £2 then please approach the Rotarians next Saturday and buy one or more tickets… and just say, “Thank you for the lights”… that way they know you’ve read this story and they’ll feel appreciated… not that they need it, they’re a happy bunch and it’s been great working with them for the last 7 years. See you at the races 😉 (Ascot Saturday if you’re going!)

rotary summer fayre jon davey burger

Thank you.


P.S. Do you know why I always sign off my emails with a Thank You?

P.P.S. This story was written by me and in no way represents the thoughts and feelings of the wider Rotarian community who have their own opinions… I just happen to be a member of Windsor & Eton Rotary Club 😉 You could be too?

P.P.P.S. No ducks or flying pigs were hurt in the writing of this story 😉

5 responses to “Summer fun makes Christmas brighter in Windsor”

  1. Avatar

    And alittle help from main sponsors King Edward the Windsor and Eton town partnership.

    1. Totally Paul but I want people to know it’s not the council, it’s Rotary with a little help from their friends…

      1. We all love a fairy tale… especially for goodness sake. 🙂
        Back in the real world, Rotarians work tirelessly for the local community and appreciate a little help from local businesses and local council RBWM when appropriate. 🙂…/91/lighting_up_our_high_streets
        PS. It would have been nice to recognise Windsor and Eton Rotary Club (and King Edward Court) in that press release – not that they need it, they’re a happy bunch! 😉

      2. Council celebrating spending £100,000 on Maidenhead but no mention of Windsor… because we paid for our own… £100k because the lead councillors live there when it would have had way more impact in Windsor… thank goodness we have Rotary to pick up the shortfall is all I can say… this happened with the education budget… independent report recommends more 6th form place in Windsor and so what do RBWM do, commission Holyport College and gift it something like £15m… it really is panto at it’s worst!

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