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Listening on the Campaign Trail down Washington Drive


Took my first steps on the campaign trail yesterday and it was mighty interesting to hear what folk were saying…

Picking up on the conservative manifesto, they’ve got it bad with pot holes… promising to fix any pot holes reported in 24 hours… it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out…

pot holes on dedworth road

I reported these holes to Phil Bicknell via Facebook so let’s see if they are sorted by tomorrow tea time 😉

Funnily enough, in the real world, no one mentioned pot holes, they were not happy about Brexit and politicians ignoring the will of the people… that was more to the point!


So many said that we, the independents had their vote…

One asked about Helen Price, told her she was on the next patch… another said “Oh Wisdom, he does good things” and so it went on… people are waking up and not simply going to vote blue because that’s what they’ve always done.

One lady, so dissatisfied with the way the government are treating the people had decided on a career change into the social care space… amazing what people will do to change their world when their buttons get pushed hard enough.

Back out today, after a spot of decorating!

Thank you


Main Photo by Matt Briney on Unsplash

People Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash

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