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Hemwood Dell – Buyers Beware!

hemwood dell trees

People are so desperate to get on the housing market that they think buying a cheap bit of land at auction will be the start of their dreams coming true… but Buyers Beware, you could end up having a nightmare!

Auctioneers, happy to take their share, position land within the law but leaving a lot to be desired from a moral view point…

In the last auction, 4 plots representing approx 1.5 acres, sold for around £120,000… building land in Windsor sells at £2,000,000 an acre. If there was any building potential local professional builders would have paid 5x what it sold for!

Now the owners are looking to sell more, smaller plots to cash in on auctioning process, causing more unnecessary stress for local home owners.

This post is aimed at putting off any potential buyers, help them see sense before wasting hard earned cash on land that they cannot build on, they can just look at once purchased… what a waste of time and money.

Hemwood Dell is at the top of Wolf Lane in Windsor and is around 2 acres of ancient woodland with a fist full of protections. Tree Preservation Order on the site, so you can’t chop down any trees. The area is a Public Open Space which means you can’t put up any fences and the public can roam freely.

Thank you to officers at RBWM for all their hard work, utilising their specialist skills in planning, countryside management and trading standards, which has meant the local councillors Jon Davey & Wisdom Da Costa of West Windsor Residents Association have been able to re-assure residents that the Dell is protected legally from development.

hemwood dell michelle and jason

Pam Walters, founder of the Hemwood Hub, set up to share the latest news of what’s happening with local residents and those interested in knowing more said, “It’s great to have the support of our councillors at this worrying time. Michelle Gregory is also working tirelessly, even contacting Natural England with a view to dating the Dell as ancient woodland which could provide even more protection.”

If you are thinking of buying this land then please think again…

Thank you.


3 responses to “Hemwood Dell – Buyers Beware!”

  1. […] Popped up the Dell to meet with the hub and discuss recent developments. They are more than happy with the level of support they are getting from RBWM these days, with their ability to access the right people at the right time. Empowering neighbourhoods not egos is how WWRA will be rolling… […]

  2. Thank you very much for the video, to save me from falling into the trap, 1 of the plot is being auction at the moment.

    1. Thank you… have made our officers aware…

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