Who should be creating the New Windsor Town Council?

With a New Windsor Town Council project meeting next Friday 16th August 7pm, at The Guildhall, Windsor… get yourself along… I wanted to make my position clear.

As a local borough councillor I do recognise the need for a town council for Windsor but would like to see a fresh, apolitical approach leading the way…

People in Windsor do feel that they get a raw deal when it comes to council spending its brass. But then talking to people from Maidenhead, guess what, they feel the same. I have asked for some financial analysis that could be compared “fairly” to determine the reality of that “feeling”.

map of windsor and eton the boundary

I do believe, as an Independent, that parish, town and borough councils should be politically neutral, its focus firmly on what’s best for the residents. It would be even better if we could do that nationally but that’s probably a pipe dream!

Richard Endacott, Chair of WWRA, has done a great deal to bring this together, talking to the other parties to lay the foundations and hats off to him for that.

Claire Milne Windsor Neighbourhood Plan

I’d rather the politicos were not given automatic or even, any roles on the committee bringing this together.

I think it should be community led and knowing that Claire Milne, joint chair of Windsor Neighbourhood Plan, someone who knows how to navigate the administrative processes successfully, if willing, she should be the leading light and others, of her choosing, who are apolitical should be invited to step forward and take on roles that fulfil tasks she deems necessary.

Richard could be her Sir Lancelot and protect her from the political elite, allowing her, or someone similarly gifted, to lead the way.

OK Willy you can provide refreshments 😉

willy bringing in the beer

Anyone who has stood for office, been in office, is in office or keeps failing to get elected should encourage local residents to step up on this new initiative and allow a fresh approach to the New Windsor Town Council.

That’s my thoughts on the subject.

I have signed the petition, have you?

Thank you.


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