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Community Land Trust Meeting 23rd May 7:30PM Spencer Denney Centre

Franklyn Crescent land

Do you live in the area of Wolf Lane, Tinkers Lane and Hemwood Road?

Do you want to protect the open spaces from the threat of development?

Join the meeting on Monday 23rd May at 19:30h at the Spencer Denney Centre, Park Corner, SL4 4EB where we will be discussing how as a community this can be achieved.

Recently small plots of designated open space land in this area, including Hemwood Dell and Castle Farm Spinney, have been put up for auction, attracting buyers who hope to build on them and make a profit. But when they submit their plans, they then discover that these plots are protected as Adopted Highways and often have Tree Protection Orders and/or Local Green Space designations, so they put them back up for auction to try and recoup their money.

Local residents are seeking a more permanent solution to this merry-go-round of sales and planning applications. Hemwood Hub already serves as an informal association, keeping residents informed and rallying action whenever a development threat arises. However in a recent survey 72% of locals would like to explore the possibility of forming a Community Land Trust Project which would aim to secure the plots and keep them as open spaces as per the original design of the estate.

If this is something you would be interested in, please attend the meeting on 23rd May and have your say. Everyone is welcome!

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  1. As there I no planning to be allowed sell as agricultural land price with the order for life time preservation, I would be intreasted as this was my old playground

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