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Tory Councillors Playing Hide and Seek at Question Time!


I’ve just heard that the 15 questions for tonight’s Full Council meeting will not be heard in real time and simply brushed aside with a statement saying there have been written answers provided!

So instead of taking say 80-90 minutes to listen to residents concerns and for the Lead Councillors to stand up and be counted… it will be over in the blink of an eye!

That is not democracy as I understand it?

You can bet the residents will have been prepping themselves, possibly spending money on getting ready and this time and expense has been wasted.

Here is the PDF of the questions and answers for your consideration >>>

I’m sorry but that’s not right and I will be looking to see how changes can be made to this policy as it happened at a previous Full Council meeting and to my mind, devalues residents real concerns and makes residents feel that the Councillors don’t care.

They put the questions to Full Council for a reason… they could have quite easily have just sent an email to the relevant Councillor and waited for a reply.

What do you think?

Thank you.


Photo by Xavi Cabrera on Unsplash

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