The Red, Amber, Green (RAG) SOCK GAME – A great game for kids of all ages…

Afternoon all, a resident just posted in our group about an idea her Parish Council friend shared… having the world’s resources at their fingertips they used coloured paper placed in the window to signal if OK or need help…

Only problem is, who has paper at the moment as retailers shut. So let’s not worry about if it’s paper or if it has writing on it.

Those old socks that are sitting lonely in a draw… they have been storing up for a reason… to be tied on the front door knob or pinned or affixed in an available way.


Get the kids to tell granny and grandad about the new game… yeah!!!

If they are feeling just fine and dandy, then something GREEN needs to be fixed to the front door.

If self isolating and don’t want to be disturbed then YELLOW it is…

And if they need help then RED, put something red and probably quite large on the door to say they need assistance…

Can you suggest that to your neighbour so they know what to do and then if they flag red, you can call for help in an appropriate way.

Thank you.


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