RBWM Tory Planning Policy to be decided by Twitter “Loves” & “Likes”

It would seem that the Magna Carta, the foundations for UK law, is to be superseded by social media “loves” and “likes” at RBWM as the ruling Tory party have decided that they no longer need to worry about democratic process and will now base any and all decisions on how social media perceives them and announce any random, ad hoc, as the mood takes them, changes in constitution via their favourite social media channels.

The population of RBWM is around 150,000 and the ruling elite share approximately 3,000 Twitter followers between them, most not residents, but appear to have decided that it is the best way to reach the electorate… or perhaps they are simply hoping that CCHQ hears them and immediately calls them up to fight a Parliamentary seat… so actually, RBWM is just a stepping stone!

teacher questions jury magna carta

Last week we saw the Tories try and smudge Adults, Children & Health Overview & Scrutiny Panel meeting, utilising one of their lieutenants as chair, who managed to make a bit of a pigs ear of proceedings, requiring the cabinet to tidy things up in a swiftly held, even more speedily dispensed meeting, where they pushed the decision into the long grass to address later while quickly moving on to change the RBWM Constitution in relation to Planning…

the scales of law magna carta

The Government launched their economy rebuild plan by telling councils not to charge the poor builders CIL on planning as they are down to their last few billion and so it just wouldn’t be fair for them to have to pay out more…

foodshare banner

While many more residents are forced to use food banks, Foodshare in Windsor, set up by other local residents who feel fortunate for their lot, and wanted to help those who found themselves with short term difficulties… this is turning out to be more needed than people realise and all donations gratefully received… map of where you can find food boxes below…

windsor food share

Residents help residents while the ruling elite help their friends make more money…

“WOOO HAAA HAA HAA, that sounds like a glorious plan!”

children are the future jury

Problem was how to speed through decisions on planning that have to go to Planning Panels, made up from 22 Councillors where 10 are those pesky opposition critters who insist on asking lots of questions to uncover the truth and then balance that with planning law to come to a fair, well thought through decision.

Hey guys, how about we just close the 3 existing panels with 22 members, have 1 panel with just 6 panel members, 4 Conservatives, 1 LibDem, 1 Independent. How democratic of them. That will stop all those blinking questions and we can push stuff through in minutes and our builder chums will be able to build, build, build… that will keep Simon Dudley happy at Homes England and he’ll put a good word in for us with Boris and tomorrow we’ll get the call we’ve all been waiting for…

“WOOO HAAA HAA HAA, that sounds like a glorious plan!”

richard endacott knights close

But Sir, that Richard Endacott, Chair of WWRA who organised the meeting with ALDI, is asking tricky questions on how planning might proceed… what should we do? His mum fought for truth and justice for RBWM residents for many years and the people kept voting her in. How do we counteract his solid arguments, help me…

There you are, let’s just alter our proposal on social media before the actual formal meeting and residents will see us for the jolly fair play types we are?

“WOOO HAAA HAA HAA, that sounds like a glorious plan!”

boy laughing on bench

Originally I had written a hard hitting script for Tuesday evening’s Full Council Meeting and decided to tone it right down in order to build rapport with the Tories, appeal to their better nature, their warm hearts and hope that one or two vote against the proposed changes.

My planned speech is outlined below but now, on seeing the above over the weekend, topped off with the way the main Tory party are behaving… one rule for the elite, one of the masses and if they breach the lockdown rules and do what they like, in a few weeks there will be far fewer of the electorate to worry about. So be it…

“WOOO HAAA HAA HAA, that sounds like a glorious plan!”

So I figured I would shoot the video down at the Jury at Runnymede, created to represent Magna Carta and the rule of law which is so being flouted by those that are simply laughing at an obedient populous, softened by years of cheap booze, cheap food, home deliveries and 666 TV Channels.

I am asking nicely, leave the Constitution alone and allow RBWM to continue to represent democracy or suffer the consequences of your actions… which will see, should future elections be allowed in 3 years time, many more Independents voted onto council to represent their residents.

“NOOOOO, DON’T LET FAIR PLAY RULE THE RBWM! Back off you fools, let them keep their pesky democracy, we’ll have to try another way!”

king john seals the magna carta

Watch the meeting live, or on catch up, via Youtube >>>

Thank you.

The speech I had planned to give at planning… superseeded by video… who knows what I’ll say tomorrow night, depends what comes forth on the night…

extraordinary council meeting october mayor

Constitutional Amendments – Development Management Panels

Currently there are 22 members who sit on the RBWM Development Management Panels. Essentially 10 opposition and 12 conservatives.

The proposed changes state in Appendix C B1.2 The Panel shall have 6 members. This means 4 Conservatives and 2 opposition.

Appendix C B1.3 states Quorum 2 Members. Now while I respect Cllr Phil Haseler as a credible Chair, a quorum of 2 making such important decisions just doesn’t feel right.

These proposed changes are completely unnecessary and only facilitate the disintegration of any possible democracy we have left in the RBWM.

I became a Councillor because I knew, after listening to Cllr Phil Bicknell at the Holyport College council meeting debacle in 2015, where funding earmarked to be shared between around 20 schools, went to just 1, Holyport College, that the only way to actually have an influence on things was to stand for election and become a Councillor… I did, winning at the 2nd attempt in May last year.

Unlike council meetings where I am allowed to represent my residents and bring the honesty & passion that saw me elected, at planning meetings, so the theory goes, we have to park that reality, remove our emotions and deal with planning law, as a panel member with no bias, along with 21 fellow councillors.

This works, in the main, because those meetings are made up of 11 panel members, 6 tories, 5 opposition who are able to debate the merits and shortcomings of any application and if done correctly, help each other find the planning points on which to base our arguments.

Conservative Cllrs Hilton & Cannon have mentored me through. Knowing when my passion for an argument has needed a little direction they have assisted me in focusing on the law. Usually Cllr Hilton showing me through debate, highlighting a point that fits his argument and compliments mine and saying so. While, as chair, Cllr Cannon reminds me that my point, while it might match the thoughts and feelings of many of our residents, is not a planning decision and so needs to be put aside. They, along with other Cllrs have taught me a great deal this year BUT it is only through that sometimes heated debate that the 11 can come to their final decision.

As many have and will say, the technology now permitting Councillors to make representation online and to vote legally on subject matter means that there is really no need for this change to our constitution and so I appeal to Councillors to vote against.

I would also like to finish by bringing your attention to Appendix D 1.15 Any Member of the Council, not already a Member of the DMP, wishing to speak at a Panel will be permitted to speak in favour or against any agenda item.

So should the council vote this through then I will be looking to speak at many of the up and coming planning meetings and will be encouraging my independent colleagues to follow suit. We can each take a point of planning law and ensure that any resident that is interested, living on a particular street, in a ward, town or borough is advised to watch the Youtube Planning meetings and see and hear for themselves how a vote may go based on the information presented.

This will ensure, with your assistance, an even stronger Independent Councillor presence after the next election.

Thank you.

Cllr Jon Davey
Clewer & Dedworth West

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