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I am a very proud father…

davey family

I’d just like to say, sorry mother, how very ‘kin proud I am of my daughter who through this whole lock down, knowing her own self, has kept her mind busy by drawing, drawing, drawing…

chloe and me auz

She created an album on her Facebook profile called Isolation Illustrations which has expanded out into a micro business called Unconventional Portraits.

unconventional portraits

She’s had likes on Facebook & loves on Instagram from the sources of her inspiration which has led to a couple of commissions by magazines and venues that are wanting some of what she’s got… Elvis hasn’t come back to love her stuff but hey, with technology, who knows what’s possible.

unconventional portraits unconventional portraits

From a nipper she has known her own mind and didn’t mind letting people know 😉

unconventional portraits

She’s always grafted since the Olympics at Dorney, never asking for money for clothes, always wanting to be self sufficient, she repurposes stuff… “Wow, where did you get that?” people would ask… “I made it 😉 ” she’d reply.

unconventional portraits

Just before lockdown Chloe was due to start her first “proper job” post University but they called to say sorry, our world’s gone pear and gave her a week’s salary… she joined me at Tesco but after a day her head was spinning after watching the news channels and she decided it wasn’t for her.

unconventional portraits

She grabbed her pencils and look at the amazing illustrations she is doing of artists old and new… she’s up for commissions… or you can just buy what she’s already done 😉

unconventional portraits

Really proud of her efforts and her self awareness on how to keep her shit together in these Covid-19 times and with it being #MentalHealthAwareness week, for every order she gets today, tomorrow, Sunday, I will give £1 to a charity of her choosing (upto £100) … now make this offer go viral people 😉

unconventional portraits

In the real world, as I deal with shoppers on the checkout, many are fine but many are not, they are melting down around me and I’m picking them up and doing my bit to put them back together… these are trying times and the chemist told me they are dispensing more and more drugs to keep folk on the straight and narrow… if you are feeling stressed, talk to someone… a problem shared is a problem halved.

unconventional portraits

Thank you.


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  1. Hello Jon……………… congratulations to Chloe…. really interesting and clever. I still have a few of her drawings she did when she came to stay when she was so little !!

    Also thank you for the grammatical apology ! Mum xx

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