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Calling Local Businesses to Support Dedworth Library

The RBWM needs to save money and is proposing to reduce the opening hours of Dedworth Library from 36.5 to 13 hrs per week. 

Dedworth Library is a well-loved Community Library.   The Community it serves includes families living in multiple deprivation, the elderly who are isolated and lonely, young Army mums with no family support network and those who have zero to few digital skills.  Not only does Dedworth Library provide traditional library services but Knit and Natter groups, supports local schools, activities for new mums, a safe place for local schoolchildren to wait for parents to pick them up, help with universal credit, access to free laptops and printing, support for home schooling families, meeting with local PCSOs, volunteering opportunities.

As a local business we are appealing for your help. 

Sponsor a 1/3rd or a Full 3hr Session

To have a librarian in the building costs £1,000 per hour per week per year. So a morning or afternoon 3 hour session cost £3,000. The 3 hour session, sponsored by your organisation, might have a theme, a few of which are mentioned above or you may have your own ideas. It could be that 3 businesses sponsor a session or just a single, well-heeled businesses chooses to sponsor the full session.

Local Cllrs are coming together to support the libraries as best we can and we’ll obviously publicly acknowledge those who support Dedworth library, alongside Dedworth Library communicating with its members through existing channels both online and through their physical premises.

Please complete the form below if you would like to know more…


library friends

Not every business is in any shape to help others at this time, we appreciate that but you could help by spreading the word on a couple of things.

There is a consultation going on until the end of April and we need as many residents to join in as possible, please share the following link and encourage people to complete it…

While we need to employ librarians to manage the libraries, they also need FRIENDS and volunteers to help with the various groups of people that use the facilities.

Consider being a FRIEND or volunteer >>>

Thank you.

Cllr Davey, Cllr Price, Cllr Tisi

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