Street Lighting in RBWM

If you have concerns about the street lighting in your area then, if simple, mention below… if more detailed email me

We have an Infrastructure Overview & Scrutiny panel meeting shorty and the topic of Street Lighting is on the agenda. So that officers can prepare for the meeting, it helps for them to have an appreciation of residents thoughts on the matter.

I need your responses below or by email to me by this Thursday 22nd April.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Street Lighting in RBWM

  1. The Royal Borough appear to have done reasonably well in updating the street lighting in my particular area. On the downside. I don’t think the standard of illumination is as good as it was under the old SON and SOX system. The street lighting nowadays seems to have a vastly reduced footprint. (Probably to appease the light pollution brigade and to reduce costs). But at the expense of poorer security. However, its better than switching it off!


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