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Thoughts on 20 MPH West Windsor?

Recently there was a vision of making major changes to West Windsor and had there been no opposition, just imagine what a driving nightmare West Windsor would be right now had the LTN plan gone through?

Reflecting on the intent of the original idea, resident demand for safer streets and the overwhelming understanding that we need to actually do something to reduce our impact on the planet then how about slowing West Windsor down a little?

While 90% of residents were against the LTN because it blocked main arteries for residents, potentially having a huge impact on their day to day lives, 10% of people were supportive of significant change.

Had a softer approach been taken then a different result may well have been achieved. Many residents like the idea of slowing the traffic down to make residential areas safer for everyone, especially those young and old.

There is recognition that things have to change to help the planet, so how about taking a gentler approach, not making a huge change but simply slowing things down a little to reduce pollution and encourage a more steady approach to life in West Windsor?

Obviously main arteries like Maidenhead Road, Dedworth Road and others would maintain their current speed limits but all residential streets get reduced to 20 MPH.

How does that feel?

To my mind, it begins a process of slowing us all down a tad, enabling more time to enjoy the world around us, rather than constantly rushing around to be here or there.

It would make our streets safer for other road users.

And it would be supported by those in power as it fits with their agenda.

Reflecting on what might be a positive middle ground for residents, I have asked the lead officer to look at how this might work.

There is no formal option at this stage but I’m putting it out there to gauge the feeling of residents… a consultative approach…


Thank you.


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2 responses to “Thoughts on 20 MPH West Windsor?”

  1. The idea of 20mph side streets has been used by a number of London Local Authorities. Ealing have gone a bit over the top with it and made some of their main roads 20mph too. I take great pleasure in driving through Southall Broadway on my way to work. Constantly watching out for cyclists who have nothing to fear from speed cameras, either passing me on the inside or even overtaking.

  2. I am not averse to 20MPH speed limits on side streets, in the name of safety and ecological damage-limitation – but certainly not in favour of it on Dedworth Road or Maidenhead Road.
    Whilst I applaud the sentiment to slow down and enjoy life a bit more, the main roads should remain at their current speed limits, in my humble opinion.

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