Ruddlesway and Dedworth Road junction : Proposed 5G Telecommunications Installation for H3G UK

If you’d like to respond to the planning application then please do so here as it has now been published… search for 21/01269 on the Planning Portal. Thank you.

On Wednesday evening, 21st April, on checking my Cllr email, I had a “Pre Planning Consultation” in my inbox. The attached letter for some reason was dated the 13th April and they generally want a quick response, within a couple of weeks.

Obviously it is my job as a Cllr to consider residents thoughts and feelings when compiling my feedback.

Picture: RBWM “Tinkers Lane” offices, Fairacres Industrial Estate

I have written to officers asking them to help me construct a reply asking H3G UK to consider an alternative site in close proximity at RBWM “Tinkers Lane” offices, Fairacres Industrial Estate, where there is an existing mast that could possibly be used to accommodate their needs.

In the letter, along with the graphic below it says, “If you have any feedback on these proposals we look forward to receiving your comments and if you are aware of any other local organisations that are not statutory consultees that you consider should be informed please let us know and we will endeavour to consult with them.”

Graphic: One of the drawings provided by consultants

I’d like to hear your thoughts on having a 18m 5G Mast and associated equipment at the end of Ruddlesway, junction with Dedworth Road, on the green patch of land opposite Kenrith Community Centre.

Would you agree with me that Fairacres Industrial Estate would appear to be a more appropriate location?

I’d also like you to suggest local organisations that you think should be informed.

My artists impression, not to scale but close

If you could respond to me by Monday, I can compile my thoughts Tuesday and get back to them on Wednesday in a timely fashion.

Thank you.


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