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Students helping with the Cost of Living Crisis in Bristol

map of bristol flagging university

Yesterday I drove my son to Bristol to look at accommodation for this, his 4th year at Bristol University to do his Masters in Innovation.

I was shocked at how quickly flats go and how demand is outstripping supply, enabling landlords to charge, what I see as ridiculous rates.

It got me thinking…

There are platforms like Spare Room .com that connect those tech savvy with people looking for roommates.

But logically, there are many people who are starting to get caught up in the cost of living crisis who aren’t internet savvy but have friends and relatives that are, who might suggest they could perhaps rent out a room to the many students still looking for accommodation.

My son would be happy to pay £400 – £500 a month for a room with all bills included, depending on the size of room and facilities provided.

Ideally in the St Paul’s and central areas, near UoB and his work.

Anyone got a relative or friend in this area who could do with the extra money to pay a few bills over the next 10 – 12 months?

Please fill in the form below and I’ll pass them on to my son to make contact. Thank you.

Thank you.


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