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Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead COP26 online Summit 

On the agenda tonight is a motion by Cllr Stimson…

10. Motions on Notice by Councillor Stimson

This Council, in acknowledging the work that is being done across the borough by the council and residents alike to mitigate against climate change and encourage sustainability, and to increase the participation of businesses, civic society and residents alike, agrees to hold a Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead COP26 online Summit during the UN COP event in Glasgow.  This will highlight the work that has been done, and is currently ongoing within the borough in the areas of climate change and sustainability.

Find out more about COP 26 >>>

My initial thoughts before the debate… got anything to add?

Great idea but a whistle stop tour online in a controlled way feels like it limits the ability of residents to engage and ask questions of those selected / leading the way.

A physical expo, perhaps small space but varying themes each day so residents can come and ask the real value of a particular initiative to the planet at large. 

For example;

Electric cars – cobalt from Africa mined by children and if today, all new UK cars were electric, requiring the current global production of cobalt, how would the UK secure its needs?

5G – great for those who think everything needs to be faster than it is right now but how do we address the 10/20/30 fold increase in electricity demand that will be needed.

It’s taken nearly 2 years to change the bins back to a position we could have been in as we dialled down after the initial bi-weekly collections. Moving to weekly blue and leaving black bi-weekly probably would have seen us hitting the 50% 2025 recycling target by now. 

Do we really need to be so slow in making changes that could have a significant impact? Bins only account for 4% of carbon output so at this rate it will be the year 3000 before we hit the 2050 target! Come on RBWM…

Thank you.


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