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Blokes Losing Timber – weight loss for men

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When it comes to trying to lose weight then individuals need differing levels of support. Generally speaking, women are more likely to prefer sharing their mission with other people, while men tend to not share too much… or way too much!

The purpose of Blokes Losing Timber is to provide an environment for men to share stories and encourage each other along the way to being their perfect version of themselves 😉

We hear about calorie counting, eating only meat, low carbs, working outs, running marathons, eating more veg & salads, no drinking alcohol, smaller portions, yadda yadda…

Most blokes, who are carrying timber, realise it’s a result of their lifestyle and they are really not going to make significant change without a bloody good reason. And nagging their arse isn’t a good reason!

Most of us will find it easier to lose weight when we are younger but I have heard of one old bloke who lost 72lbs in his 72nd year. That’s because he is one of those people who can get in the zone and make it happen… I know because he’s my old man.

I do tend to struggle and give up more easily so I thought, I need an environment where I can share with other blokes, lose the nagging doubt and get back on my programme quickly.

The aim is to make this community such a success that it will require more time & energy from myself and others in the future.

As we get more members in an area then the idea would be to set up face to face meet ups on a monthly basis. Logic suggests these could be official weigh-ins, followed by a nice salad, cup of green tea and a chat… or a full on piss up, depending on the mood the group is in.

I believe nature knows best and so instinctively we’ll each do good things that reduce our weight… by sharing ideas that work for us, they may work for others and in this way, we can help other blokes lose timber.

Thank you.


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    Hope it helps.

    All the best,
    David McCulloch

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