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How Should RBWM Spend Local Investment Funds Generated by AL21?

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If AL21, 450 homes in Dedworth, is given permission in the autumn then there will be a few million pounds to spend locally on improving the physical environment.

AL21 Plans

I have spent a long time reflecting on what I feel would add value to our community but it’s not all about what local Cllrs think, I’d like to hear what local residents would like to see.

During July I’m looking for residents, our youth and adults, to submit ideas via the form below. You may choose to comment on Facebook and other social media channels but I cannot guarantee I will see them there… so if you want me to consider your idea, you need to fill in the form below. Thank you.

In August all the ideas that could potentially be taken forward will be accrued into a list of options and residents preferences sought.

As ward councillor, I will then present these to officers to research further, ensuring we maximise the use of any funding that would become available if AL21 is given the go ahead.

Thank you.

Cllr Jon Davey

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