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Environmental Groups are Invited to Join in the Summer Fun

rotary environmental hub

Windsor & Eton Rotary Club have been running a Mid-Summer Fayre in Alexandra Gardens for many years and this year, respecting that many young people are becoming increasingly passionate about the Environment and many adults wonder what they can do to help, we decided to create an Environmental Hub space at the Mid-Summer Fayre on Saturday 25th June 2022.

To optimise the space, each participant will have room for say a pop up stand and a few flyers. You need to bring your own display materials, small table (1m x 1m max), chair, pop up – small vertical stand, not some 3m wide space eater 😉

If you’d like to be part of Rotary’s Environmental Hub then please complete the form below. We have limited space which will be issued on a first come, first served type basis but also trying to optimise the variety of topics being covered. Thank you.

Thank you.


Youth Chair

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