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A308 Consultation – Your Input on Improvements to Clewer & Dedworth are Needed

A308 Consultation

This consultation has been a long time coming! Make sure you have your say…

The foundations were laid by residents competing an initial consultation back in 2020, this has culminated in officers analysing the data, identifying 42 problem areas and prioritising 21 across RBWM, 6 in Clewer & Dedworth. Now you have your chance to say which are most important to you and what course of action you think they should take.

Please provide all feedback by Sunday 31 July 2022.

Click the link below to access the research and complete the survey. Thank you.

This is extracted from the consultation page…

Help us improve the A308 Find out more…

We are now seeking the views of residents and stakeholders of Dedworth & Windsor to decide on the best approach for the suggested improvement options – it is important that we move forward with improvements which reflect the needs of those who experience them.

Full details of the following improvement locations can be found on the right-hand side of the page:

  • Section 6, Link 7 – A308 Maidenhead Road / A308 Windsor Road / Mill Lane / Parsonage Lane to A308 Maidenhead Road / Ruddlesway / A308 Windsor Road
  • Section 6, Link 8 – A3024 Windsor Road (Between B3024 Oakley Green Road and Ruddlesway)
  • Section 6, Junction 10 – A308 Maidenhead Road / A308 Windsor Road / Mill Lane / Parsonage Lane (Clewer Village)
  • Section 6, Junction 11 – A308 Windsor Road / Ruddlesway / Maidenhead Road (Water Oakley)
  • Section 6, Junction 12 – B3024 Oakley Green Road / A308 Windsor Road (Water Oakley)
  • Section 7, Junction 9A/9B
    1. 9A – A308 Goslar Way/ B3024 Clarence Road/B3173 Imperial Road/A332 Royal Windsor Way (Windsor)
    2. 9B – A308 Maidenhead Road, A332 Royal Windsor Way, Maidenhead Road (Windsor)

Please tell us your views by completing the short online survey.

You can also share your opinions in person by attending one of the public drop-in sessions near you. You’ll find dates and times on the consultation page. (Dedworth library on 13th July).

Thank you.


2 responses to “A308 Consultation – Your Input on Improvements to Clewer & Dedworth are Needed”

  1. We need to keep traffic moving. One way systems help.
    1) Arthur Road, town, Clarence Road.
    2) Maidenhead Road 308 to Maidenhead to or fro the Fifield Road.
    Let the traffic boffins work out the direction.
    A new road to the rear of Legoland from somewhere near Tarbay Road on the Fifield Road, across St. Lenards Farm (owned by Legoland) to the Winkfield Road. That will ease traffic on Imperial Road.
    The other thing to help residents is bring our local bus into the bottom of town to Charles Street and with the saved time on route let it run around more of Dedworth for the residents.

    1. What do you mean by “Awaiting modification”?

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