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Report Fly Tipping and Fines Will Follow

sutherland grange monday

On Friday I drove past Sutherland Grange and notice some lazy toad and left their latest delivery boxes next to the Hospice clothes bins. I took photos and put them on Facebook saying if they hadn’t shifted them by Saturday evening I’d be reporting them via the RBWM Report It function.

This is what it looked like Friday…

Well I was busy doing things for the community on Saturday and working yesterday, so as I drove past this morning I was incensed to see even more fly tipping had taken place, see above!

Crap attracts more crap by similarly lazy, couldn’t give a monkey’s about the environment types, who think they can also get away with dumping their rubbish on top… below is what it looked like when recycle bins were at Sutherland Grange two years ago and there are those in the community that thought this was OK!!!

fly tipping sutherland grange

I reported the incident via the RBWM Report It function under fly tipping an hour or so ago and got the reply below in the last 10 minutes… action will be taken and people who are lazy will get fined.

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for your email.

Thank you for the pictures which you have sent in, I will be paying that address in question a visit tomorrow.

Please be assured that the offender in question will be spoken to.

Once again thank you for bringing this to the Council attention.

Kind Regards

Mark Anthony
District Enforcement Team Leader

I pushed back on the DECOs when first introduced because I thought it polite for residents to get used to the new regime but for the purpose of fly tipping, it needs a firm approach to make sure lessons are learned, bad behaviour punished and those found guilty given a hefty fine to deter repeat offending.

Thank you.


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