“Blokes Losing Timber” Logo & Graphics Competition

Blokes Losing Timber (BLT) is a new community that aims to support men who are looking to live healthier lifestyles.


  • Ideas for a logo
  • The foundation of a theme that can be expanded on as we go forward
  • The ability and willingness to create graphics in a short time frame
  • A reasonable hourly rate

We’re not looking for the finished product or for someone to put hours of work into this first step. We’re looking for someone we can work with longer term to help create the imagery for the website, hard copy flyers and adverts we’ll need to attract members.

Ideally you’ll share your initial ideas on a couple of sheets of A4 that demonstrates your gift and gives us an insight into your style.


£250 cash to the person we choose to work with on the logo plus the opportunity of ongoing work as we grow BLT.


Initially it makes sense to have a 4 week period to allow for the word to get out and the creative juices to flow. 

The closing date is Fri 12th August 2022

If we don’t find what we are looking for then we’ll keep the door open until we do but we want to move forward ASAP so don’t hide your light, share those ideas you have soonest and let’s start communicating.

Email: jonathanldavey@gmail.com


BLT Membership is likely to be over 30 but all adults can join in.  

Blokes who know they need to do something to start taking control of their weight but recognise they would benefit from the support of other blokes.

We all have different needs and BLT aims to approach the topic of healthier lifestyles from a number of different angles to optimise the number of blokes we can help moving forward.

Starting with an online community, the plan would be to host monthly events that have a purpose, share knowledge and encourage participation.

BLT Members join in when they feel confident to do so and our role is to help build their confidence through knowledge sharing and community support so they can live healthier, more rewarding lives. 

Not everyone is a robot, able to change the way they are overnight, becoming the perfect version of themselves in an instant.

Most of us struggle, we fall off the wagon, we want to eat healthy, drink more water, fit neatly into our clothes, land the perfect job, attract the perfect partner, have 2.2 perfect kids and live in the perfect house… BUT real life is not perfect.

BLT Members ultimately give themselves a break. They don’t beat themselves up for having a larger portion every now and again, they accept they are not perfect and simply try to do things better.

The Pareto Principle states that 80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes, asserting an unequal relationship between inputs and outputs.

We tend to know the things that are not working in our lives and so by just tweaking them by 20% we can have a massive 80% impact. 

Instead of having 5 pints on a Friday night, have 4 and feel the benefits and then tweak again in a few months but you don’t have to stop drinking like some more rigid programmes might demand.

BLT is about being realistic with your goals so that they are achievable and sustainable long term.

BLT is likely to start with food but will naturally include far more as Members start talking to each other and looking for help with other challenges.

We are not here to give medical advice but to offer support, share ideas and experiences and listen!

I hope that gives you some insight and you feel you can add value to BLT. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you.

Jon Davey

Image from Unsplash

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