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Offer Your Thoughts on the RBWM Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Plan

Recently I called in the “Electric Vehicle Charge Point Implementation Plan” because when the plan was presented at Cabinet, there was no clear plan. This document paints a picture of the options moving forward well worth a read.

If you then want to add your own thoughts, complete the EVCIP consultation here >>>

You can see my thoughts below the RBWM press release.

Thank you.

Cllr Jon Davey

Give us your views on plan to deliver electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the borough

Residents are invited to have their say on a plan outlining how the Royal Borough will bring forward hundreds more charging points for electric vehicles, to support the move to greener travel.

A five-week consultation on the draft Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Implementation Plan has been launched today, and residents have until Monday 9 January to give their views.

The plan sets out how the council will ensure charging provision for electric vehicles keeps pace with demand and contains a number of proposed policies on the delivery and operation of chargepoints in the borough, as well as general principles on where they should be located.

The sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans in the UK will end in 2030 and with the target of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 at the latest in the council’s Environment and Climate Strategy there is a need to ensure infrastructure is in place enabling residents to make the switch to electric.

The 10-year plan is due to commence in the 2023/24 financial year. To meet the demand, it is anticipated there will need to be around 600 on-street chargepoints at up to 300 ‘Connected Corner’ sites – where on-street charging will usually be located near street corners, serving multiple streets. In addition, the plan outlines the need for more than 120 chargepoints in council car parks, along with almost 100 rapid recharge points at service stations in the borough.

Like most councils, the Royal Borough will partner with commercial operators, who will install, operate and maintain chargepoints at Connected Corner sites over an agreed period.

Suppliers will be expected, through the procurement process, to identify how they will fund their bid. It is expected that the plan could be delivered solely utilising private finance from chargepoint suppliers, combined with Government grant funding.

Councillor Phil Haseler, Cabinet Member for Planning, Parking, Highways & Transport, said: “In our borough, 33% of carbon emissions come from the vehicles on our roads. The council is committed to working with partners and the community to tackle climate change and switching the way we power our cars and vans is a critical component of this.

“Many residents and businesses have already embraced electric vehicles, and we know that many more will be keen to do so over the coming years. We recognise that for everyone to make the switch, the right charging infrastructure will need to be available around the borough. We want to give as many people as possible the confidence to switch to an electric vehicle at the earliest opportunity, to decarbonise borough emissions as rapidly as we can. This plan, which we committed to deliver in our Corporate Plan, sets out how the council will play its role in ensuring infrastructure is put in place, in readiness for the upcoming national bans on sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles.

“The plan seeks to balance meeting the demand for chargepoints in built-up areas with avoiding ‘not spots’ of inadequate chargepoint provision in the borough’s villages and more rural areas. We want to ensure this plan meets the needs that people have across our borough, and I would encourage as many as possible to respond to the consultation, so that it can be finalised following your feedback.”

For full details and to respond to the consultation visit, or use the public-access computers available at all local libraries, where staff are happy to help if needed. Written comments can be submitted to: FAO: Transport Policy Manager, Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead, SL6 1R.

A hard copy of the consultation and paper response forms are available upon request at libraries in the borough.

EVCIP Consultation Paper – Cllr Jon Davey thoughts

Page 6 makes it very clear that we are not going to achieve our target of 50% reduction by 2025. So why did we set that target for the corporate plan if it is unachievable?

We are currently offering free parking for EVs but this is going to be taken away as adoption increases. How about we offer free parking while the vehicles are charging. If the car is left on the bay say 15 mins after its finished charging then we start charging time and half for parking?

Street clutter removed. We need more benches if people are going to walk into town to enable residents to rest every ¼ mile or so. This needs to be blended in.

P18 Connect in every sense. A drive for 5G to move imagery around, fine residents as well as charge vehicles. This needs agreement from residents, starting with more discussions around the adoption of ANPR.

5-1 ratio of commitment to EV charge installers. Why are we being so generous and not letting them fight for it? Should we not let them say what they want rather than state it as a given?

The contracts with installers. Will they be 5, 10 or 20 years? How many years? They are being paid by the gov to help us in the early days and they have to invest in kit but that’s their part. We have all the customers. We need to keep this tight so we can have our own machines in 10+ years time.

Green Bays – will they be painted green to make it very obvious? 

Village Halls sounds like we are looking for Parish Councils to bail out the RBWM again. What about working with churches who own lots of parking?

Thank you.


Photo by Jenny Ueberberg on Unsplash

2 responses to “Offer Your Thoughts on the RBWM Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Plan”

  1. Spending more public funds on private matters? What is the ROI?

  2. Avatar


    Just quickly scanned through your email and one thing came immediately to mind was the idea of putting chargers on corners of streets. Currently vans and people carriers belonging to residents in Tinkers Lane often park very close to the corner with Basford Way which makes turning left out of Basford Way onto Tinkers Lane a dangerous game of chicken. Parking close to corners all over the borough will not help anyone be they motorists, cyclists of pedestrians crossing the road.

    Kind regards, Sue Milne, Basford Way, Windsor

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