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launching love windsor community instagram account

Managing social media channels can take a lot of time and so it’s best to systemise it if you can.

I’ve got a few days off so have been re-thinking my Blokes Losing Timber methodology. I have started doing short videos each day to provide content and I’m also finding it very useful in holding myself to account… more on that over on the BLT channel 😉

I’ve not really used Instagram much and so took some time today to set up a @lovewindsorcommunity channel.

I used LinkedIn extensively in the early days and moved my energy over to Facebook as I started to put more effort into Love Windsor. 

I have a Windsor Daily Youtube Channel which I started back in 2011 and has had nearly 100,000 views! I tend to use it as a catch all for my different websites as most videos struggle to get more than a dozen views and it seemed silly having different channels.

I have a Love Windsor News Twitter handle which I add content to but I find, having 3 Twitter Channels with around 5,000 followers that I might get 2 clicks on any given blog post where Facebook delivers hundreds of views, so I tend to use if more for listening around my Cllr role.

Let’s see what Instagram can bring to the party… I have set up an auto feed from my blog so any new posts, like this one, will get posted there. Perhaps I should add a couple of hash tags to this post for good measure. #lovewindsor what should the other be?

Thank you.


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