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Redhead Appreciation Day

redhead appreciation day

Redhead Appreciation Day on September 23 reminds us of the beauty and uniqueness of red-haired people. They possess the rarest hair shade and are often associated with having a “fiery” or “hot-tempered” nature. Whether that’s true or not, we can’t deny that redheads are like rare birds of paradise, making up just four percent of the world’s population! Nicknamed gingers, carrot-tops, flame-haired, “ranga”, “bluey,” redheads can often feel like outcasts and stand out in the crowd. So if you are a redhead, or have a redhead friend or family member, today is the day to appreciate them in all their flaming glory!

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Wikipedia says 


It appears to be deemed OK to have a go at someone with red hair but you have a pop at any other nationality, religion or gender and you get your nuts put in a vice.

We can’t have it both ways… either we are allowed to pop fun at everyone or no-one.

Thank you.

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