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Homer First v Windsor Boys

Windsor Boys School Boat Club probably thought it was going to be a walk in the park like Henley Regatta 😉

Little did they know that those tiny infant hands can carry more blue tokens and those young minds can be very determined. I heard many a nipper saying “Our school has to win this !” and the look in their eyes said it all.

Homer First School & Nursery have just taken the ribbon on this one, Tesco Stronger Starts xx

They were first with a £1,500 grant from Tesco, followed by The Boys School Boat Club who receive £1,000 and £500 to Golden Eagles Football in Slough.

Our current runners and riders for Q3 are:

  • Cancer Support UK
  • Oakfield First School
  • Windsor Girls’ School Boatclub

Get voting for your favourites… they all end up winners.

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Thank you.

Jon Davey
Tesco Dedworth
Community Champion

One response to “Homer First v Windsor Boys”

  1. Congratulations to Homer School for winning. My son went there and it is a super friendly school, which provides a great introduction to education. BUT no way is winning Henley Regatta “a walk in the park”! Windsor Boys’ School Boat Club is open to all the boys who want to join and the dedication and commitment of the staff and the boys is second to none. It is a marvellous club and the results are achieved through dogged hard work. Many of the boys go on to row for universities and clubs.

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